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Seraphine picked in the GRAND FINAL of Wild Rift Esports!

Toegevoegd op 13 april 2021

Wild Rift Esports english cast by shurkou! Today we're looking at game 5 of the Malaysian Icon Series preseason GRAND FINAL! GF and BJD both at two...

Ziggs is the BEST Mage in Wild Rift 2.2! (+Esports Build)

Toegevoegd op 8 april 2021

Ziggs is absolutely OP on Wild Rift patch 2.2! I'll show you the best Ziggs build used by Wild Rift pro players and I'll also show you the perfect Ziggs gameplay.

Full Match | Manchester United v Arsenal | eFootball.Pro Matchday 3 | eFootball PES 2021 | esports

Toegevoegd op 12 februari 2021

Manchester United are off and running in the, as they head into matchday 3 unbeaten as they face Arsenal, our biggest challenge so...

Full Match Replay | Manchester United v Celtic | eFootball.Pro Matchday 2 | PES 2021 | esports

Toegevoegd op 29 januari 2021

After an encouraging start to the season against Galatasaray, Manchester United's esports team take on Celtic in matchday 2 of the competition...

Full Match | Manchester United v Galatasaray | eFootball.Pro Matchday 1 | PES 2021 | esports

Toegevoegd op 13 januari 2021

Ahead of matchday two this Saturday against Celtic FC, enjoy full coverage of both games from matchday one as the team kicked off to their

🎮 Juventus vs Barcelona | eFootball PES 2021 Friendly Match | ESPORTS

Toegevoegd op 27 oktober 2020

JuveBarça #eFootballPES2021 #Juventus Ahead of Wednesdays Champions League clash, watch a friendly PES 2021 match between Ettore “@Ettorito”...

Esports Life Tycoon - Release Date Trailer | PS4

Toegevoegd op 20 oktober 2020

Esports Life Tycoon launches on PS4 on November 12! Enjoy the everyday life of a professional esports team. Manage your own squad, expand your gaming...


Toegevoegd op 1 oktober 2020

O bolão do Worlds 2020 do Eric finalmente está no ar! Confira quais times e palpites que ele tem para esta fase de grupos.

PES 2021 myClub | M_Mestre (Pro Player FC Bayern eSports) Vs E_C_Oneill (Pro Player MU FC eSports)

Toegevoegd op 26 september 2020

PES 2021 myClub | Miguel Mestre Oltra (Pro Player FC Bayern eSports) Vs Eldridge O'niel (Pro Player Manchester United FC eSports)

Juventus vs Bayern Munich 🎮 | PES 2020 eFootball.Pro Cup SemiFinal! | ESPORTS

Toegevoegd op 31 juli 2020

Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Follow...